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Taking Notes Episode 164: 2012.08.03 - What’s New in IBM Mobile Apps, with Chris Reckling and Rob Ingram 8.5.2012
We spoke with Chris Reckling (Program Manager, Mobile UX at IBM) and Rob Ingram (Manager of Mobile Strategy, Social Business at IBM) to get the inside scoop on what's new with IBM mobile apps. Topics we cover included: Even if you don't have Connections or Sametime in-house, you can try those apps out against Lotus Greenhouse, and you can also download a version of IBM Worklight that's free to try (look for a link to the Developer Edition on the Worklight home page). Also, don't miss the upcoming IBM Connections mobile tech talk on August 15.

This show runs 41:01.

Taking Notes Episode 163: 2012.07.30 - Getting started with IBM Connections application development 7.29.2012
In this episode we talked about developing applications for IBM's Connections social software platform. We were joined by three very special guests: Topics covered during the show included:
  • Overview of the options available to developers (APIs, Widgets, Java)
  • How widgets and apps are deployed within Connections
  • Integrating apps with the Connections Profile
  • Surfacing apps and widgets within Communities
  • How IBM Connections Next will utilize OpenSocial and
  • How Kudos Badges was built and how it integrates and is managed within Connections
  • Why developers should use XPages to extend Connections
  • How you can work with iWidgets and XPages
  • How to access the Connections REST API's from XPages
  • Where you can find and download sample XPages apps
  • What other extensibility features might be important for XPages developers
  • and much more...
Resources: - Landing for all things ICS development related including Notes/Domino "Next" and Connections "Next"

The show runs 41:53.

Show Rewind:

Be sure to listen to our interview with IBM's Ed Brill and Trust Factory's Wueter Aukema about the new partnership between their companies, news about Notes Social Edition and Ed's forthcoming book.

Taking Notes Episode 157: 2012.06.13 - jQuery in XPages with Mark Roden 6.13.2012
Today we talked to Mark Roden about using jQuery in XPages. Topics included:
  • Why use a JavaScript toolkit?
  • Why use jQuery instead of (or along with) Dojo?
  • Any considerations about using jQuery and Dojo on the same page?
  • What are some good jQuery plugins to look at?
  • What about jQuery for mobile web apps?
  • How about documentation?
Mark's website is and his Twitter handle is @markyroden. Other links mentioned in the show were, stackoverflow, and Matt White's XPages101 (lesson 27).

This episode runs 37:23.

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Taking Notes Episode 156: 2012.06.04 - Ethical Hacking with Paul Mooney 6.4.2012
Todays show has been sponsored by Instant Technologies (@teaminstant). Be sure to check out their IMtegrity product for IBM Sametime.

Today we had
Paul Mooney Blog (@pmooneynet) from Bluewave Technology on the show to talk about the "Ethical Hacking Workshop" he ran in London. We covered: The show runs 41:13.

Taking Notes Episode 141: 2011.10.04 - Interview with Ed Brill and Pete Janzen about IBM XWork Server and Domino 8.5.3 10.4.2011

On the podcast today are
Ed Brill and Pete Janzen from IBM, to talk about the release of Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 as well as the new IBM XWork Server. The discussion included:
  • What is the IBM XWork Server?
  • Who is the target market?
  • How is it licensed, and what are the restrictions?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the changes in licenses and entitlements with Domino 8.5.3?
  • What are some of the architectural changes and enhancements with Domino 8.5.3?
  • The OpenNTF extension library, feature packs, and extending Domino server functionality
  • Niklas Heidloff's blog post about his favorite 8.5.3 features
  • Anything new with Traveler?
  • and a whole lot more!
The podcast is 38.9 MB in size and 40:30 in length. For other news about the XWork Server and Domino 8.5.3, check out Chris Miller's webcast and the IBM XWork Server page on the IBM website.

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Taking Notes Episode 137: 2011.07.28 - IBM’s Jim Quill and Phil Riand talk about the forthcoming Relational Database support in XPages 7.28.2011
On this episode we talk with IBM's Jim Quill and Phil Riand about the forthcoming relational database support for XPages coming with Domino 8.5.3 and the OpenNTF Extension Library. We cover: I guess this idea on IdeaJam can now be marked as "Completed" :-)

The podcast runs 30 minutes. We hope you enjoy it!

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Taking Notes Episode 136: 2011.07.16 - IBM’s Dave Delay and Phil Riand talk about the forthcoming REST API’s for Domino and XPages 7.17.2011
In this episode of Taking Notes we spoke with IBMers Dave Delay and Phil Riand about the forthcoming REST API's for Domino and XPages. We cover:
  • What REST services are
  • What the XPages Extension Library is
  • How you can add REST capabilities to your XPages applications
  • How you can get at the Domino data model using REST
  • A walk through of what you need to do to start using the new services and controls
  • and much more
To learn more about these REST services you should also read these posts from the OpenNTF blog: This episode runs 27:28.

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Taking Notes Episode 135: 2011.05.09 - Announcing the First Ever OpenNTF Development Contest 5.8.2011
For episode 135 Bruce sat down with Niklas Heidloff from IBM/OpenNTF and Vanessa Hutchinson from We4IT where we talked about the first ever development contest being hosted by OpenNTF. This contest is being sponsored by We4IT and you can learn all about the contest by first listening to this episode of Taking Notes and then heading on over to the contest announcement page over on

Episode 135 runs about 24 minutes.

Taking Notes Episode 117: 2010.08.19 - The New XPages Extensability API with IBM’s Jim Quill and Phillipe Riand 8.19.2010
Have you heard that there is going to be a really cool XPages Extensibility API in Notes/Domino 8.5.2?  Today we interviewed Phillipe Riand and Jim Quill from the IBM XPages team where we talked about:
  • What is the XPages Extensability API?
  • How to get started using the API
  • Where to find the XPages Extensability API documentation (on the wiki of course!)
  • How to use the API
  • Does the API support both Notes client and Domino XPages apps?
  • What's coming in the future with Notes/Domino 8.5.3 and do we dare say Notes 9
  • and much more
Many thanks to IBM's Paul Hannan for helping us put this podcast together.

The show is 32.5mb and runs 33:47 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 115: 2010.07.22 - OpenNTF XPages Mobile Controls with Niklas Heidloff 7.22.2010
We interviewed Niklas Heidloff (IBM), Chris Connor (BSS), Michael Gollmick (TIMETOACT), and Herbert Wagger to discuss the XPages Mobile Controls project on OpenNTF.

Niklas heads up the project so he was able to give some great background and developer information, and Chris, Michael, and Herbet gave us some perspective on using the project in "real life" situations as business partners.

The show is 43.2mb and runs 44:56 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 113: 2010.02.18 - The OpenNTF Wildfire Project Team from IBM Business Partner ISW 2.18.2010
Bruce and Julian talk with Adam Brown, Matt Newman and Andrew Welch from IBM Premier Business Partner ISW about their new Wildfire application available from OpenNTF.

Check out the
Wildfire project on OpenNTF.

Watch a video demo Wildfire and Adam's blog.

We talked about:
  • What Wildfire is and how it works
  • What social networks Wildfire works with
  • How a developer new to Lotus Notes developed the sidebar app in three weeks
  • Their experience with the open source community and how easy it was to get their project started and publish
  • How they benefit from contributing projects on OpenNTF as a business partner
  • John Heads review of Wildfire
  • Why they are excited about sidebar development
  • Hear how Matt plays the roles of Mary Beth Raven
  • Info about ISW and what they do
The show is 22.1 mb and runs 24:04 minutes.

Taking Notes Episode 100: 2009.10.25 - XPages with Matt White, Declan Lynch, and Peter Presnell 10.25.2009
Bruce and Julian talk XPages (in Lotus Notes 8.5.0 and 8.5.1) and Open Source Lotus Awards with XPages Blog editors: This podcast was brought to you by Conxsys's nsfRewind and the letter "X".

NOTE: check the blog entry we linked to above for more information on due dates, rules, and suggestions for the Open Source Lotus Awards. There were two conflicting dates we found during the podcast.

The show is 42mb and runs for 44:00.

Taking Notes Episode 44: 2007.01.19 - Blogsphere V3 with Declan Lynch 1.18.2007
In Episode 44 of the podcast we talk to Declan Lynch the creator of the successful OpenNTF Blogsphere blogging template for Lotus Notes and Domino.  We talk about:
  • The history of Blogsphere Version 1 and 2
  • A review of all the new features that are part of the soon to be released Version 3 including the all new "tag and template" engine, the new tag cloud support and the new blog themes
  • Declan and Bruce kid about "BS-ing"
  • How to upgrade from Versions 1 and 2 to Version 3
  • Where to find and download the beta of the Version 3
  • Come see Declan and Steve Castledine at their Lotusphere 2007 session "Ready, Steady, Blog!"
  • and many other cool things you never knew about Declan and his Blogsphere project
Episode 44 was sponsored by Integra for Notes, solutions for Lotus Notes integration and reporting to Microsoft Word and Excel.

The podcast is 15.8mb and runs 34:21 minutes at 64kps.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/1d4054bb3ab18cd7)

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Taking Notes Episode 36: 11.18.06 - DominoWiki 1.1 with Ben Poole 11.18.2006
Ben Poole Master Project Chef of the OpenNTF DominoWiki project talks about the recent updates included with V1.1.  New features include multi-lingual support, a new page difference engine, OpenLog integration and much more.

The podcast is 17.6mb and runs 14:07 at 128kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 28: 08.17.06 - Sametime on Linux, DominoWiki, Lotusphere 2007, OpenNTF Update, Online Meeting Tips and News 8.17.2006
Lots of different things for you in this podcast, including: Episode 28 was sponsored by Collaboration University.

The podcast is 20.2mb and runs 34:00 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 21: 05.29.06 - OpenLog 5.29.2006
In Episode 21 Julian talks about his excellent OpenNTF OpenLog project. OpenLog provides a common error and event logging framework for all of your IBM Lotus Notes applications. Julian discusses how to set up OpenLog, how to configure it, how to add OpenLog to your existing databases, how to configure notifications and much more. No longer will you have to write to the Notes log file, the console or to an agent log database.

OpenLog provides you with a single database to collect all of the errors occurring in your code. We know (and hear) what you're saying so don't even say that your code is perfect and has no errors - yeah right! Only Bruce writes perfect code - NOT.

Download OpenLog Version 1.0
Download OpenLog Beta Version 1.1

Kevin Pettitt
recently demonstrated OpenLog to the Washington, DC Notes Users Group. Read what Chris Byrne has to say about OpenLog.

What are you waiting for - download and listen to the podcast now, and while you are listening click and download the code.  Enjoy!

The podcast is 16.4mb and runs 29:18 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 19: 05.11.06 - News and views 5.11.2006
We're baaaack. ;-)

In this installment of the Taking Notes podcast, Bruce and Julian discuss topics such as:
  • New developments in Notes 7.0.2 as reported on Ed Brill's blog, including Notes Nomad (the Notes client on a memory stick, formerly known as "Project Wanda"), blog and RSS templates, and better Smart Upgrade. According to the Notes & Domino Insider Newsletter, 7.0.2 is scheduled for release in September, 2006.
  • Are the successful user group meetings becoming annual/quarterly mini-conferences instead of monthly meetings?
  • The Hannover design team now has at least one blog (Mary Beth Raven) -- is IBM seeking input, or just doing marketing?
  • Julian is in the market for a laptop, and is wondering if the new Lenovo Thinkpads are as durable and sturdy as the old IBM Thinkpads.
  • Alan Lepofsky has a great Notes calendar tip.
And of course the OpenNTF update with John Roling.

The podcast is 16.6mb and runs 29:19 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 18: 04.04.06 - Moving on up 4.4.2006
Julian and Bruce gab about a few random topics, including: And of course, more Talking News with Michael Sampson (where he announces Ed Brill's new job), and another OpenNTF update with John Roling.

The podcast is 20.8mb and runs 37:33 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

Taking Notes Episode 17: 03.17.06 - Julian and "Bruceless" 3.18.2006
Show-n-Tell Thursdays, Rich Schwartz's SnTT aggregator, Lotusphere Comes To You, Ed Brill's podcast, Paul Mooney on the Microsoft Application Analyzer, Sametime 7.5, Jack Dausman on why Notes/Domino developers need to learn Eclipse for Hannover, Michael Sampson's Talking Notes segment.

The podcast is 6.9mb and runs 12:41 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 6: 12.05.05 Interview with Bruce Elgort - OpenNTF 12.4.2005
Episode no. 6 has Julian interviewing Bruce about OpenNTF. Topics include:
  • How did OpenNTF get started?
  • What are some of the more popular projects on OpenNTF?
  • How can people get involved?
  • Where can I meet Bruce at Lotusphere?
We also added a few exciting new features with this podcast: Download now, and take a listen on your favorite MP3 player. The podcast is 17.4mb and runs 37:48 at 64kps.

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Interview with Ben Poole - DominoWiki 11.7.2005
In our third podcast Julian and I interview Ben Poole where we discuss Ben's OpenNTF DominoWiki project. We are still working on recording logistics - Julians heavy breathing, my PowerBook fan coming on and Skype cutting out. Overall the podcast turned out great and we hope you enjoy it.

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