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Taking Notes Episode 175: 2013.02.27 - Online Learning with 2.27.2013
Today we interviewed author Jess Stratton. Jess has been a member of the IBM Collaboration Solutions Community for over decade. She has spoken at Lotusphere and other industry events. Jess now works for the online learning company where she helps author video training for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office and other products and technologies.

Rather than listing out all of the super cool things Jess talks about we suggest that you just push play and start listening. Jess does recommend that you "Like" the Facebook Fan Page where you can find out about the latest tutorials and promotions.

Taking Notes Episode 172: 2012.11.09 - Learning XPages with NotesIn9 11.9.2012
Today we had the pleasure of interviewing the creator of the awesome Notesin9 screencast - David Leedy (@notesin9). We were also joined by special guests Paul Calhoun and Dr. Mark Roden. We talked about:
  • How and why David got started with Notesin9
  • Where the name for the show came from
  • What goes into producing a show
  • What community resources David provides
  • The XPages Cheat Sheet
  • What is the "Drive to 99" Event?
  • The number of shows David has published
  • The number of contributors who have appeared on the show
  • How people can get involved and contribute to the show and what do they need to do
  • Which XPages topics do people want to learn more about
  • and much more...
The show runs 31:36 and best listened to while eating Pennsylvania OR Texas BBQ.

Taking Notes Episode 171: 2012.10.24 - There’s Gold in them XPages 10.24.2012
We talked with XPages developers Jesse Gallagher (@Gidgerby) and Dr. Mark Roden (@markyroden) about::
  • How Jesse got started with Notes/Domino
  • How Jesse's interest in Ruby on Rails spilled over into XPages
  • How a Notes/Domino programmer like Jesse has approached and been successful with XPages
  • How to approach XPages app development
  • What about Lotusscript?
  • How to write "clean" code
  • Using source code control
  • Moving from Lotusscript to MVC
  • Why Expression Language and Java are important
  • What XPages can offer that other platforms cannot or offer in a different way
  • The adaptability and flexibility of the XPages platform
  • and much more...
This episode runs 37:42.

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Taking Notes Episode 167: 2012.09.04 - Mobilizing your Notes applications with Mobilite 9.4.2012
Giulio Campobassi and Frank Maric of IBM Business Partner Salient Solutions (@goMobilite) talked to us about their Mobilite product for mobilizing Notes and Domino applications.

We talked about:
  • Frank and Giulio's bacgkround using Notes and Domino
  • How and why they came up with the Mobilite product
  • Why IBM Domino is a great delivery mechanism for mobile apps
  • Installation, setup and configuration of Mobilite
  • What customers looking for in terms of mobilizing their apps
  • The business climate in Australia
  • and much more...
The show runs 26:48.

Taking Notes Episode 166: 2012.08.27 - The Evolution of XPages 8.27.2012
Russ Maher of QDiligence (@russelmaher) and Paul Calhoun (@ptcalhoun) of NetNotes Solutions talk to us about the evolution of IBM's XPages rapid application development platform. Russ and Paul are also the instructors of The View's popular XPages Bootcamp which is taking place in Las Vegas and Chicago this Fall. We would like to thank The View and their XPages Bootcamp for sponsoring this show.

We talk about:
  • History of the XPages Bootcamp and how they kept the course material in-line with the XPages point releases
  • Upcoming changes in Domino 8.5.4 (Niklas Heidloff's blog post)
  • The new Java jar design element in 8.5.4
  • Server-side JavaScript Debugger in 8.5.4
  • What OSGi plugins are
  • OSGi and the Extension Library and how it has evolved
  • How XPages in Domino 8.5.4 has evolved since 8.5.0
  • How OneUI has grown over the years
  • Dojo and how it has evolved within the context of XPages
  • XPages in the Notes Client (XPINC) and how it has evolved
  • and much more..
The show runs 44:50.

Taking Notes Episode 146: 2011.12.23 - Developing a Collaboration Strategy with Michael Sampson 12.23.2011
On this episode we spoke with Michael Sampson about his new book "Collaboration Roadmap - You've got the technology now what?" We talked about:
  • Why do companies need to develop a collaboration strategy
  • Are there any special "tricks" to making collaboration happen?
  • ROADMAP and what it means
  • Does the book apply to any specific technology/product?
  • Are there differences in the way groups and teams need to collaborate?
  • Is there one platform that can "do it all"?
  • Are successful collaboration efforts based on grass root efforts?
  • Michael's take on "Social Business"
  • What's the future of collaboration
  • What role does video conferencing play with collaboration
  • What has made collaboration a topic of late
  • What do you get when you buy Michael's book
  • Michael attending Lotusphere 2012
  • and much more...
This show runs 38:13. Oh, and be sure and go order Michael's book now.

Taking Notes Episode 142: 2011.11.17 - A View Into the World of NoSQL, with Mark Myers 11.17.2011
Today we talked with Mark Myers from the London Developer Co-op about all things NoSQL.

Topics include:
  • The four different types of NoSQL databases
  • Why the need for NoSQL
  • Why NoSQL has become some popular over the last few years
  • How the NSF has provided NoSQL type functionality for a long time
  • Some discussion about CouchDB, MongoDB and other NoSQL offerings
  • The role of Javascript in NoSQL
  • Mark's blog entry about how to improve the NSF
  • How and why Mark thinks XPages are much easier to use for development than other technologies he has used
  • How the IBM XWork Server is well positioned to become a database server
  • Who will be buying the first round of drinks at Lotusphere 2012
  • and much more....
The podcast runs about 40 minutes and is chock full of great NoSQL goodness.

Taking Notes Episode 133: 2011.03.09 - To the Cloud with Prominics’ Justin Hill and Jon Schultz 3.9.2011
Julian and Bruce sat down with Justin Hill (CTO) and and Jon Schultz (President) of Prominic. What we did we talk about? Well, all things "cloud" including:
  • To the "cloud" - Prominic has been in the cloud business a long time. Why is everybody looking at the cloud to host their mail, apps and other servers?
  • What are some of the things that people need to consider when thinking about a move to cloud services?
  • What are some best practices for Notes/Domino in the cloud? Hybrid, managed replicas, etc.
  • The types of apps, services people are moving to Prominics cloud?
  • Who shouldn't consider a 3rd party hosting service
  • Crystal Ball - predictions for the cloud.
  • and much more...
This episode was brought to you by the letter "C" and your local weather station. The show runs 32:57. Enjoy.

Taking Notes Episode 132: 2011.03.04 - Running a business on XPages with Brian Benz 3.4.2011
This year at Lotusphere 2011 Brian Benz (blog) presented a session entitled "Running a Business on XPages" (slide deck, session abstract). Julian Robichaux and I spent 30 minutes with Brian discussing with him an incredible XPages app that he helped develop for Deloitte Recap. Brian also discusses things he learned during the project, recommendations for developers new to XPages, source control management and much more.

Brian also has
posted a collection of excellent videos on YouTube which demonstrate the app and are required watching. Got it?

32:22 with Brian. Enjoy and code on with XPages.

This podcast was brought to you the letter X, IBM Watson and of course extra crispy bacon.

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Taking Notes Episode 129: 2010.12.19 - The 2011 TeamStudio Spotlight Awards - Why you need to enter your app - it’s easy! 12.19.2010
TeamStudio's Craig Schumann and Karen Frasca talk about the Spotlight Awards 2011 contest.  Theo Heselmans, the winner of the 2010 Spotlight Awards joins the podcast and shares his experiences with the submission process and especially how easy it is to enter this exciting contents.

These awards honor and reward the developers in the Lotus Notes/Domino community for their remarkable applications.  Take a listen and see why you should enter and have a chance at winning some really great prizes.
Oh and this year there is a brand new spanking category for Mobile Apps! The DEADLINE is fast approaching, so be sure and get your contents submissions in.  It's easy to enter!

Here are some blog entries Theo wrote about the awards:

The show is runs 20:22 minutes.

Taking Notes Episode 128: 2010.12.08 - Drain Google, Second Signal, Lotusphere CULT shirt and more with Bob Balaban and Andrew Pollack 12.8.2010
Today Bruce and Julian interview Bob Balaban from Looseleaf Software and Andrew Pollack from Northern Collaborative Technologies about:  
  • Bob's "Drain Google" project
  • Andrew's Second Signal product
  • The history of the Lotusphere C.U.L.T. shirt
  • Why cloud computing is a lie
  • Using Domino as a "swiss army knife" app server
  • Bob's role as a Lotusphere track manager
  • and lots more...
The episode runs 37:05. Oh and thanks for staying subscribed.

Taking Notes Episode 113: 2010.02.18 - The OpenNTF Wildfire Project Team from IBM Business Partner ISW 2.18.2010
Bruce and Julian talk with Adam Brown, Matt Newman and Andrew Welch from IBM Premier Business Partner ISW about their new Wildfire application available from OpenNTF.

Check out the
Wildfire project on OpenNTF.

Watch a video demo Wildfire and Adam's blog.

We talked about:
  • What Wildfire is and how it works
  • What social networks Wildfire works with
  • How a developer new to Lotus Notes developed the sidebar app in three weeks
  • Their experience with the open source community and how easy it was to get their project started and publish
  • How they benefit from contributing projects on OpenNTF as a business partner
  • John Heads review of Wildfire
  • Why they are excited about sidebar development
  • Hear how Matt plays the roles of Mary Beth Raven
  • Info about ISW and what they do
The show is 22.1 mb and runs 24:04 minutes.

Taking Notes Episode 106: 2010.01.15 - SharePoint Integrator 2.5 with Mainsoft’s Yaacov Cohen 1.15.2010
Bruce spoke with Mainsoft President Yaacov Cohen about their SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes V2.5 announcment.

During Lotusphere 2010 Mainsoft will preview SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes V2.5. Built using the Eclipse Rich Clicent Platform, the Lotus Notes sidebar application makes SharePoint easy to access and easy to use from Lotus Notes. The preview introduces support for Sharepoint 2010 including integration with SharePoint-based professional networks.

Yacoov talks about how first time, IT users in mixed IT environments will be able to access a slew of information (contact details, photographs, areas of expertise, experiences, connections, and more) on the contacts they know, and the they'll be able to search for new contacts based on their areas of expertise and experience. All of this, plus SharePoint-based document collaboration and calendards, right at their fingertips, within Lotus Notes.

Please check out our Lotusphere 2010 sponsors Simplified Technology Solutions or "STS" at STS also has started a new series of screencasts "TipsInTwo" at Also, be sure and attend Darren Duke's Show-N-Tell Session at Lotusphere 2010 on Sunday from 4-6 PM in the Swan Osprey room.

The show is 14.8mb and runs 16:02 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 104: 2010.01.01 - Lotus Symphony with John Head 1.1.2010
For our inaugural episode of 2010 we talk with John Head, Director Enterprise Collaboration at The PSC Group about Lotus Symphony. We cover:
  • Some background on the version history of Symphony
  • What kind of API's are available for developers to create integration points for Symphony
  • Lotusphere 2010 sessions covering Symphony
  • Document format support
  • and much more...
The show is 35mb and runs 38:07 minutes.

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Taking Notes Episode 100: 2009.10.25 - XPages with Matt White, Declan Lynch, and Peter Presnell 10.25.2009
Bruce and Julian talk XPages (in Lotus Notes 8.5.0 and 8.5.1) and Open Source Lotus Awards with XPages Blog editors: This podcast was brought to you by Conxsys's nsfRewind and the letter "X".

NOTE: check the blog entry we linked to above for more information on due dates, rules, and suggestions for the Open Source Lotus Awards. There were two conflicting dates we found during the podcast.

The show is 42mb and runs for 44:00.

Taking Notes Episode 96: 2009.03.10 - Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes and eProductivity 3.10.2009
This evening, Julian Robichaux and Bruce Elgort met up with productivity specialist, Eric Mack (Notes on Productivity), and IBMer Chris Blatnick  (Interface Matters)to discuss a variety of topics, including: This episode runs 49:51 and is 45.7mb (128kbs).

Taking Notes Episode 94: 2009.01.14 - Lotusphere Idol Contestant Andy Donaldson 1.14.2009
Eight and a half minutes with Lotusphere Idol 2009 contestant Andy Donaldson.

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Taking Notes Episode 86: 2008.09.01 - Writing Free Notes Apps 9.2.2008
In a podcasting cross-pollination experiment, we bring Chris Toohey and Tim Tripcony on the show -- you know them from the YellowCast podcast for Lotus Notes developers -- to talk about the pros and cons of developing Notes applications for free. Or trying to make a small profit on them.

Oh, and sorry it took so long to push this out. We actually recorded over 2 weeks ago, but we've all been busy. You know how it is.

This podcast was brought to you by Elguji Software, the makers of IdeaJam and LinkJam (social bookmarking for Lotus Notes/Domino). It is 27mb and runs 57:35 minutes at 64kbs.

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Taking Notes Episode 83: 2008.06.29 - XPages and Yellow Water 6.29.2008
Rob "Captain Oblivious" McDonagh and John Head talk about the forthcoming Domino Server 8.5 feature called "XPages".  During the show you will learn about:
  • Why you need to brush up on your Javascript skills
  • Why XPages are important
  • What the heck XPages are
  • What XPages can't do
  • How XPages will change the way you design Domino applications
  • Will XPages run in the Notes client?
  • What are some of the new design elements in Domino Designer 8.5
  • What yellow water is and much more...
This podcast was brought to you by Elguji Software, the makers of IdeaJam and LinkJam (social bookmarking for Lotus Notes/Domino). It is 24mb and runs 52:19 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 79: 2008.02.23 - 2.24.2008
Bruce and Julian talk to Nathan Freeman and Chris Whisonant about the site, discussing things like:
  • What the heck is that logo anyway? Is it Wolverine?
  • Unleashing your "inner beast of collaboration"
  • How the site got started and how long it took to put together and customize
  • What can you do with the site now?
  • What's coming next? (Sorry, you'll have to listen to find that one out)
And if you haven't visited the BleedYellow site yet, go take a peek -- registration is free and there are plenty of things you can look at without having to log in. If nothing else, it's a good look at what a Lotus Connections site has to offer.

This podcast was brought to you by the letter "L". It is 13.8mb and runs 30:07 minutes at 64kps.

Taking Notes Episode 76: 2008.02.16 - Reporting and Notes integration with MS Office and Lotus Symphony with Integra and PSC 2.16.2008
Bruce and Julian talk with John Head from The PSC Group and John de Gorgio from Integra4Notes where we talked about:
  • Using Integra4Notes to generaated pixel perfect reports from Notes
  • Integra4Notes Personal Edition - FREE
  • Lotus Symphony
  • Some predictions about Lotus Symphony
  • and much more
This podcast was sponsored by Instant Technologies. It is 20.7mb and runs 45:08 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 71: 2007.12.16 - Mooney and Elsmore Reveal All 12.16.2007
Bruce and Julian tracked down Paul Mooney and Warren Elsmore to discuss the recent acquisition of BE Systems (Warren's company) by Blue Wave Technologies (Paul's company) -- Warren also has a very good write-up on the whole thing on his website if you're looking for even more answers.

In the podcast, we talk about not only what the motivation was behind the merger (because they're both GROWING their business, not because they're struggling), but also a little about the state of the Domino consulting market in the UK (very positive).

We then go on to talk a bit about the recent Admin/Developer 2007 View conference in Barcelona where Paul, Warren, and Julian were among the cast of speakers, and also about upcoming Lotusphere 2008 where all of us (including Bruce) are doing sessions.

Taking Notes Episode 62: 2007.06.20 - Rob Novak and Lance Spellman on Conferences, Dojo, and Quickr 6.21.2007
Julian and Bruce talk to Rob Novak (and, just before the podcast started, we tricked Lance Spellman into joining us too). Topics included: If you haven't yet signed up for CollabU, there's still time! Visit the CollabU website for details.

The podcast is 25.3mb and runs 55:17 at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 55: 2007.03.03 - ILUG 2007 Promo with Bill Buchan and Paul Mooney 3.4.2007
ILUG 2007 Logo Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan tell us all about the upcoming ILUG 2007 conference -- taking place on May 24-25th in Dublin -- including: You will also be regaled with a rousing 10 or 15 minutes worth of Worst Practices stories. It's too bad we didn't have the pre-podcast conversations recorded for you -- it was almost as amusing as the pre-session banter from this year's Worst Practices Lotusphere session.

The podcast is 15.2mb and runs 33:14 minutes at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 44: 2007.01.19 - Blogsphere V3 with Declan Lynch 1.18.2007
In Episode 44 of the podcast we talk to Declan Lynch the creator of the successful OpenNTF Blogsphere blogging template for Lotus Notes and Domino.  We talk about:
  • The history of Blogsphere Version 1 and 2
  • A review of all the new features that are part of the soon to be released Version 3 including the all new "tag and template" engine, the new tag cloud support and the new blog themes
  • Declan and Bruce kid about "BS-ing"
  • How to upgrade from Versions 1 and 2 to Version 3
  • Where to find and download the beta of the Version 3
  • Come see Declan and Steve Castledine at their Lotusphere 2007 session "Ready, Steady, Blog!"
  • and many other cool things you never knew about Declan and his Blogsphere project
Episode 44 was sponsored by Integra for Notes, solutions for Lotus Notes integration and reporting to Microsoft Word and Excel.

The podcast is 15.8mb and runs 34:21 minutes at 64kps.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/1d4054bb3ab18cd7)

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In the queue... 1.7.2007
We thought we give you a heads up of some podcasts we have in the queue: Did we mention that we still have all of our podcast sponsorships open? If you are interested drop us an email.

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Taking Notes Episode 36: 11.18.06 - DominoWiki 1.1 with Ben Poole 11.18.2006
Ben Poole Master Project Chef of the OpenNTF DominoWiki project talks about the recent updates included with V1.1.  New features include multi-lingual support, a new page difference engine, OpenLog integration and much more.

The podcast is 17.6mb and runs 14:07 at 128kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 35: 11.09.06 - Interview With Mike Rhodin 11.9.2006
Bruce and Julian got a chance to interview Mike Rhodin, IBM General Manager for Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software (and Lotusphere MC). We asked him a wide range of questions, touching on topics like:
  • What was the internal design process for the Hannover/Notes 8 product? Was it UI-driven?
  • How do I take advantage of the new Hannover technologies in my old Lotus Notes applications?
  • What about Ajax? And XForms? And Activity Explorer? And the DB2 back-end data store? And the rest of the IBM software line? How will the new Notes 8 client be able to take advantage of these technologies?
  • Will we be able to run the Hannover client "on a stick"?
  • Who's the comedian for Lotusphere going to be?
There was also a lot of discussion around SOA and Lotus Expeditor too, and a whole lot more. Overall, a fantastic interview. Take a listen!

We also would like to thank Elana Fernandez of the IBM Media Relations Team for making the interview with Mike possible.

The podcast is 20.5mb and runs 44:30 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Questions for Mike Rhodin? 10.18.2006
Do you have any questions you'd like to ask Mike Rhodin? (for clarification, we're talking about the Mike Rhodin who is IBM General Manager for Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software... not some other Mike Rhodin we're trying to trick you with)

Your lovely hosts here at the TakingNotes podcast may have the opportunity to interview Mr. Rhodin in the coming weeks, and we'd like some help with topics of discussion. We won't guarantee anything, but we know that all of your ideas are good ones.

Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail.

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Taking Notes Episode 31: 09.07.06 - Alan Lepofsky and Eric Mack on Helping People ’Get’ Notes 9.7.2006
Bruce and Julian have a nice chat with Alan Lepofsky (Competitive Marketing Intelligence at IBM/Lotus) and Eric Mack (eProductivity specialist at ICA) about the difficulty of helping co-workers and customers "get" Lotus Notes. We talk about a variety of topics around this theme, including: Episode 31 was sponsored (once again) by Collaboration University.

The podcast is 27.6mb and runs 48:08 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 24: 06.20.06 - Interview with Rocky Oliver 6.21.2006
Taking Notes episode 24 is an interview with Rocky Oliver, longtime LotusGeek and recently pulled (back) into the ranks of IBM. Bruce, Julian, and Rocky discussed topics such as:
  • Lotus Notes Access for SAP, and Rocky's involvement on that project
  • How that fits in with the larger Project Harmony, which extends to both Lotus Notes and Workplace
  • Is it too early to start planning for Lotusphere?
  • Why did Rocky leave a successful independent consulting practice to go to work for IBM, anyway?
Episode 24 was sponsored by Genii Software.

All this and much, much more. See what you think!

The podcast is 19.4mb and runs 34:36 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Giddy up - here comes Rocky Oliver 6.15.2006
Julian and I will be interviewing Rocky Oliver a.k.a. "Lotus Geek" of IBM for an upcoming podcast.  Rocky has been a long-time luminary in the Notes and Domino world and has recently helped develop Notes Access for SAP Solutions or NaSS as it is known within IBM.

We are preparing a list of questions for the interview and would love to receive some questions from you such as "How did you become such a Lotus Geek" or "What is it like to be a track manager for Lotusphere".  Let the question submission process begin!

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Taking Notes Episode 23: 06.07.06 - CouchDb with Damien Katz 6.7.2006
Episode 23 of the TakingNotes podcast is an interview with Damien Katz -- former Iris/Lotus/IBM smart guy, current heads-down coder on his own CouchDB project. We talk about things like:
  • what is CouchDB?
  • what is a "document oriented database"?
  • you used Erlang to program this thing... what's up with that?
  • when will it be ready?
For a quick intro to Couch, a good place to start is the CouchDb Wiki. We also plan to do a part 2 of this podcast, based on questions from the audience. So please leave some comments and tell us what else we should ask Damien.

The podcast is 19.6mb and runs 36:27 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 20: 05.18.06 - Interview with Andrew Pollack 5.18.2006
Today's podcast is a quick interview with Andrew Pollack of Northern Collaborative Technologies, ruminating on such topics as:
  • How the Workplace Managed Client technology has merged with Lotus Notes in the past 3 years
  • The resurgence of Lotus Notes as an important technology at IBM
  • The opportunities that lie ahead for developers and ISVs as Hannover becomes reality in the next 12 months
As always, listen and enjoy.  What are you waiting for?

The podcast is 16.1mb and runs 29:16 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Taking Notes Episode 18: 04.04.06 - Moving on up 4.4.2006
Julian and Bruce gab about a few random topics, including: And of course, more Talking News with Michael Sampson (where he announces Ed Brill's new job), and another OpenNTF update with John Roling.

The podcast is 20.8mb and runs 37:33 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

Taking Notes Episode 16: 03.02.06 - Interview with Ed Brill 3.3.2006
On Thursday night Julian and Bruce had a nice podside chat with Ed Brill. Ed answers some of our questions in addition to some of the ones submitted by our listeners over the last week.

The podcast also includes segments by: The podcast is 27.7mb and runs 50:36 at 64kps (variable bit rate).

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Interview with Ed Brill 2.27.2006
On Thursday Julian and I will be inteviewing Ed Brill who is the Business Unit Executive for the Worldwide Lotus Messaging Sales, IBM Software Group (just in case you didn't know who Ed was) for Episode 16 of the Taking Notes podcast.  We are currently putting together our list of interview questions and are also soliciting questions for Ed from you our listening audience. You can either post your questions here or send them to us as an MP3 audio file.

Please have your questions in by Wednesday evening.

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Taking Notes Episode 10: 01.15.06 - Meet the The Turtle 1.15.2006
Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Wenzel better known as  The Turtle. The Turtle runs The Totally Unofficial Gonzo Lotusphere site which is a great resource for Lotusphere attendees.  During the interview The Turtle discusses how to avoid paying high prices for things you may need at Lotusphere such as food, water, and beer and he also gives you some tips on places to eat, party and to simply have fun.

The podcast is 15.8mb and runs 27:57 at 64kps.

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Meet Brendon Upson of Puakma 1.12.2006
Podcast coming soon.  For now listen to what Brendon has to say.

Image:Meet Brendon Upson of Puakma

Learn more about Puakma here.

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Taking Notes Episode 9: 01.08.06 Large-Scale Notes Deployments with Bill Buchan 1.8.2006
Come and listen to our latest podcast -- this time with Bill Buchan, on the subject of large-scale enterprise Notes deployments. Topics of discussion include:
  • What it is like to migrate a 100,000+ user deployment to a new version?
  • Does Notes really work in such a large environment?
  • What are some development mistakes you need to avoid?
  • Why should developers be nice to their admins?
The podcast also includes another one-minute power tip from Jess Stratton.

Download and enjoy!

The podcast is 22.5mb and runs 42:52 at 64kps.

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Taking Notes Episode 8: 12.21.05 Using Ajax with Lance Spellman and Dwight Wilbanks 12.21.2005
Today's episode of Taking Notes is a discussion of Ajax development techniques, and how to use them with Lotus Notes/Domino. Lance Spellman and Dwight Wilbanks are with us to talk about:
  • What is Ajax?
  • What are some cool ways we can use it in our Domino databases?
  • What are some things you have to watch out for?
  • What cool Ajax things will we see examples of in Ben Langhinrich's Lotusphere Sessions database?
Once again, we have another great "Collaboration News" segment from Michael Sampson. We also have a quick tip from Ulrich Krause, and some bumper music by Notes developer (and sometime blogger) Alex Hernandez.

Come download the MP3 and take a listen!

The podcast is 18mb and runs 39:09 at 64kps.

Related Links

Lance Spellman --
Dwight Wilbanks --
Richard Schwartz's Domino Ajax page --
Lotus Advisor interview about Ajax and Domino Web Access --

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Taking Notes Episode 7: 12.11.05 Questions about SPAM - ask Chris Linfoot 12.11.2005
Today's podcast features Chris Linfoot -- Domino mail guru -- talking about spam, and what you can do about it at the server level. The discussion includes:
  • some Best Practices for fighting SPAM in a Domino environment
  • how your company can stay off blacklists
  • the importance of whitelisting in Domino 7
  • some third-party tools that may be useful, like kSpam and no.Spam.Java (
One of the points he makes is that a good anti-spam measure you can take in your Domino environment is to have at least one Domino 7 server running. Interesting...

We also have another great "Collaboration News" segment from
Michael Sampson and also another great song by our musical guests Fly Me Courageous.

Download now, and take a listen on your favorite MP3 player. The podcast is 19.9mb and runs 43:20 at 64kps.

Come listen!

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Questions about SPAM? Ask Chris Linfoot 12.7.2005
We will be sitting down with SPAM guru Chris Linfoot this weekend to record Episode 7 of the Taking Notes podcast.  As usual if you have a question you would like to have answered by Chris you can send the question or an audio clip of the question here.

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Taking Notes Episode 6: 12.05.05 Interview with Bruce Elgort - OpenNTF 12.4.2005
Episode no. 6 has Julian interviewing Bruce about OpenNTF. Topics include:
  • How did OpenNTF get started?
  • What are some of the more popular projects on OpenNTF?
  • How can people get involved?
  • Where can I meet Bruce at Lotusphere?
We also added a few exciting new features with this podcast: Download now, and take a listen on your favorite MP3 player. The podcast is 17.4mb and runs 37:48 at 64kps.

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Lotus Sametime with Carl Tyler 11.27.2005
Carl Tyler answers our questions about IBM's Lotus Sametime instant messaging/web conferencing product. Carl discusses:
  • history about the product
  • how Sametime differentiates itself from other IM products
  • Notes 6.5 Sametime entitlement
  • how to integrate Sametime with other enterprise IM products
  • can Sametime be integrated with telephony systems
  • arguments you can use to get your boss to let you install Sametime
  • why Sametime doesn't have emoticons
Carl also answers a question from the audience and tells us about Instant-Technologies and the products they offer.

The podcast is 11.7mb and runs 25:31 at 64kps.

New music, Friction by
Fly Me Courageous.

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Sametime next week 11.16.2005
Next week we will be interviewing Carl Tyler of Instant Technologies and talking about their products as well as discussing Carl's expertise with Lotus Sametime in addition to questions from the audience. Please be sure and send us your questions in the form of an audio file or simply post them here and we will be sure to have Carl answer them for you.

Following Carl will be an interview with Libby Ingrassia of Stay tuned for more information on the podcast with Libby.

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Interview with Ben Langhinrichs - Rich Text 11.15.2005
Our fourth podcast brings Bruce and Julian to the phone of Ben Langhinrichs, master of all things that are Notes Rich Text. Listen as Ben answers questions like:
  1. What is rich text, anyway?
  2. How the heck did you learn so much about this stuff?
  3. Have you ever had a chance to sit down and talk to IBM about any of this?
And much, much more! Download the podcast and take a listen. It's about 20 minutes long.

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